Acino Dog Waste Bag Dispenser


An original interpretation of the now traditional accessory that we carry with us when we go out with our four-legged friends. The soft and rounded volume derives from typical shapes in the organic kingdom: a grape or, for some observers, an egg. As we draw near, we can see our reflected image as if we were within it.


  • Thanks to its clip, Acino can easily be hung on the leash or a handbag and removed when not required
  • A new design for the now traditional accessory that accompanies us on our strolls with our four-legged friends
  • Proposed in the “Objet Bijoux” collection of small functional objects, designed as jewels to wear or take with you
  • Objects of a precious and evocative design, fascinating for their dual nature, practical and ornamental at the same time
  • Suitable for containing all sizes of dog bags currently on the market
  • Thanks to the special design, enhanced by the use of stainless steel, this usually hidden accessory can finally be shown off as a jewel
  • Deal as a gift for those who love animals

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