Bird Shelter

$46.75 $55

Would you like to help the birds in your garden? Then give them some shelter. And in addition to providing them with a refuge from the weather, the shelter also enables them to start nest-building in the early spring. Made of strong, weather-resistant materials, the shelter will soon make garden birds such as great tits and tits feel at home. The elegant porcelain dome offers shelter from the cold and rain, while the woven rush at the bottom will encourage the birds to nest.

The shelter is easy to put up and take down thanks to the practical suspension cord. It is easy to clean, and can be used by the birds all year round in all kinds of weather, including as a sanctuary for them in the winter.


  • Give shelter to birds
  • Suitable for small birds like passerines
  • Able to hang outside all year long
  • Maintenance: Porcelain parts is dishwasher-safe
  • Available in White color

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