Desco Cat Feeder


Your sophisticated cat feeding design

Simple and straightforward design meets Nordic sophistication with the Desco Cat Feeder from MiaCara. Crafted from bent plywood or powder-coated aluminum with stainless steel bowls, this sleek and stylish cat feeder is ready to elevate your cat's daily feeding routine. Designed to be the ideal height for your four legged friend to comfortably feed, the rubber buffers ensure the bowls stay in place while avoiding rattling while your cat enjoys their food. Slip-proof silicone feet keep the feeder secure and ensure a quiet meal. The recipient of the German Design Award Special Mention in 2019, this cat feeder is ready to bring a pop of color and a touch of style to your well-appointed home.

Why We Love It:

  • Slip-proof silicone feet hold feeder in place and ensure quiet feeding
  • Stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe for easy clean-up


  • Desco Collection
  • Includes bowls
  • High-quality materials: The powder-coated aluminum frame is extremely durable while underlining the pure design of the cat feeder
  • Exceptional details: A silicone ring framing the stainless steel bowls ensures a quiet meal without rattling
  • German Design Award Special Mention 2019
  • Available in various colors

Care Instructions:

Body Metal:
  • To clean the cat feeder, wipe the powder-coated aluminum frame with a soft, damp cloth
  • Please do not use sharp or rough objects or aggressive detergents to avoid scratching the surface
  • The bowls can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher with your usual detergent
  • Clean the stainless steel bowls thoroughly before use
Body Wood:
  • The Desco cat feeder is made from bent plywood, some discoloration of the surface may occur
  • Wood is a natural product and can warp; In order to prevent damage, please to not expose the cat feeder to damp, strong insolation or extremes of temperature
  • Please keep sharp or rough objects away from the feeder in order to prevent scratching
  • Please note that the cat feeder is not designed to carry heavy loads, so please do not stand on it
  • To clean the body of the feeder, simply wipe it with a soft damp cloth, or with a suitable wood polish
  • Please remove any liquids or wet food right away and avoid the use of harsh cleaning products
Stainless Steel Bowls:
  • Clean the stainless steel bowl thoroughly before use
  • Only the bowls are dishwasher safe
Anti Slip Feet:
  • The included silicone feet can be used to ensure that the product stays in place; To apply the silicone feet to the product, carefully remove the protection lm from the self-adhesive surface and x the silicon feet to the bottom of the product
  • The silicone feet may cause a chemical reaction on treated or on natural surfaces; In rare cases, this reaction can cause stains on the floor; Please make sure that your floor is suitable for the use of silicone feet, or place the product on a floor protection mat

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