Stella Dog Cushion


Your new stylish doggy nap station

Designed to accent and elevate your interior space while providing a plush spot for your dog to lounge and relax, the Stella Dog Cushion from MiaCara brings streamlined style to your home. Crafted from soft, open cell foam filling wrapped in a cotton and polyester blend upholstery, this sleek lounge cushion easily integrates into your living or lounge space to offer a comfortable spot for your pup to lay. Ideal for a range of different-sized dogs, this cushion is ready to bring a comforting and stylish touch to any space in your home.

Why We Love It:

  • Rectangular design allows for maximum surface area for your dog to curl up or relax
  • Fabric and insert are both machine washable for easy cleaning and care


  • Stella Collection
  • Available in three sizes
  • Available in Saffron, Slate or Taupe color

Care Instructions:

  • The cushion filling is made of extremely soft, open cell foam; To ensure longevity, the cushion should be maintained and cleaned accordingly
  • Launder the inner cushion with a mild detergent up to 60° C
  • We do not recommend that you use chlorinated and chemically aggressive washing products
  • A brownish discoloration of the foam cannot be avoided, but has no effect on the quality of the foam
  • After washing and rinsing, please remove as much water as possible with the spin cycle
  • The inner cushion can be best dried by air on a rack; It can also be tumble dried at 90° C, but please avoid over-drying
  • Please plump up the inner cushion regularly so that it retains its fluffiness and shap
  • 30° C gentle wash cycle
  • The cover is washable at 30° C on a gentle cycle or can be dry-cleaned
  • After washing, leave it on a rack to air dry
  • Please do not put into the dryer
  • The cushion cover is made from durable fabric that is highly resistant to abrasion, however some roughening and pilling cannot be avoided with intensive use
  • For easy cleaning in between washes, simply vacuum the surface of the cover with an upholstery brush

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